The Michigan M CARRIER

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The Michigan M CARRIER and its incredible versatility shows “block M” loyalty wherever you use it. This proprietary design is handcrafted in premium acrylic and is individually laser-cut, heat-bent, flame-polished and edge-buffed. The two-sided unit includes two removable, clear acrylic dividers for content stability and has rubber safety feet on the bottom. It measures 10.5”w x 11.25”h x 7”d. GO BLUE!

The Michigan M CARRIER, like The Michigan M VASE, is genuinely unique and can be filled in countless ways for yourself or as a gift. The most popular uses are for

Home • Office • Business • Reception Area • Bar/Entertainment Area • Game Room • Kitchen Counter • Bathroom • Dorm Room • Studio • Garage • Motor Home and especially TAILGATING as a filled Centerpiece!

Year-round Gift for Special Clients • Graduation • Birthdays • Weddings • Housewarmings • Any Gathering/Party • Alumni Events • University Events • Conferences

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Disclaimer: The Michigan M CARRIER is to be used only for displaying and holding objects on flat surfaces. It is not intended for heavy capacities or to carry wine bottles, heavy or liquid-filled containers or objects.  It is not intended to be used as a toy or by children as it includes some sharp edges. TrueBLUE365, Inc. holds no responsibility for any damage that might occur if item used improperly. Maximum weight capacity is 7 lbs. for carrying lighter objects.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The maximum number of items per order is TWO (not including flowers) and can be a combination of any products. This is for shipping purposes. If you wish to order products in larger quantities, please Contact Us through email. 

Additional Information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 7 x 11.5 in


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